the future of digital ad marketplace

  "adELA™ takes publishers, websites and blogs owners to the future of digital ad marketplace allowing them to monetize their advertisement assets and advertisers to reach their target audience. All done with its SaaS based Ad Exchange that allows quick and easy implementation, almost no footprint, near-to-zero latency, low bandwidth requirements, compliancy and high security."

Who is who in digital advertising?

The hurdle-race of today!

adELA - the future of header bidding!

Who is who in digital advertising?


audience / customers

  • offers ad placement
  • shows ad to visitors

adTech partner

advertising tools

  • matches demand and supply
  • provides reports


brand, product, service

  • promotes brand
  • pays the bill

The hurdle-race of today!


  • Make contracts with each AdTech partner;
  • manage inventory for each adTech partner;
  • burn your legal and sales capacities.
  • If you are not large enough - don't waste time!


  • Develop client and/or server solution;
  • configure all your placements in the code;
  • requires substantial technical capacities;
  • Usually requires capital investments!


  • Deploy and manage the solution;
  • every change requires redeployment;
  • overhead communication wastes bandwidth.
  • Exposes all financial data!

adELA™ - the future of digital advertising!


Fill out a short form with your business details, information where to find your content (website url, etc.) and give us app. 24 hours for review and initial setup.


After successful review, we will send you detailed instructions how to setup your inventory and include adELA™ in your website.


As soon as you are ready and deploy you r new site, adELA™ will start delivering your ads and you will start generating revenue.